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Hunted started it's life way back in 2008 just after I left college where I studied Television/Film production. With knowledge wedged in my mind and thirst for life, creativity oozing from every orifice, I set out to make a low budget horror film about two brothers who went on a camping trip and were hunted down by a crazed hillbilly. Sadly it never came about and the script lay in a drawer gathering dust for many many years until now. I have turned my script for a low budget horror movie into a horror audio drama. 


Hunted follows Kenny Jefferson, is a high flying Architect with a beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters. His brother, Matt is a stoner layabout who in Kenny's eyes will amount to nothing. So he sets out to change that and takes his brother camping with his wife and their childhood friend, Heather. 


What conspires is a dark twisted tale which takes inspirations from horror classics like, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Wolf Creek and Friday the 13th. 


Set in 1987 I wanted to create a feeling of nostalgia for those of a similar age as myself by including elements that a younger audience would not recognise.


Below you will find a full cast list and you can find Hunted anywhere you get your podcasts. 


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