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Eerie Earth Tours

At Eerie Earth we are now very proud to be able to offer you bespoke private and public tours in the historic city of Edinburgh. We have several tours available, with more coming in the future. Please see what is on offer down below.

Kieran under Castle.jpeg

Old Town History Tour

Discover Edinburgh Old Town as you wonder the winding streets and cobbles of The Royal Mile, visit the six hundred year old Grassmarket and take in stunning views from Edinburgh Castle Esplanade.

Duration: 2 hours

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Boy Wizard Tour

Explore the streets of Edinburgh and find all about the inspiration behind some of the most famous places in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Visit some of the world famous gravestones in Greyfriars Kirkyard, shop in Diagon Alley and even gaze upon Hogwarts itself.

Duration: 1hr 30 

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Ghost and 
Dark History 

Learn the dark history of Edinburgh, from Body Snatching, murder and torture. Hear creepy, ghostly tales that take place down the winding closes and streets of the ancient city. 

Not suitable for under 16s

Duration: 1hr 30minutes

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Private Tours

Would you like a bespoke tour? Maybe combining the above tours, or something new? Please get in touch for a quote


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