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The Mckinley Haunting 2:
Dark Night Paranormal

Following on from Eerie Earth's original tale "The Mckinley Haunting", Dark Night Paranormal follows a team of investigators who go to the infamous mansion to try and catch evidence of what Matt claimed happened to him within the terrifying estate. What follows is a horrifying tale of possession, ghosts and paranormal investigation. 

How did it come about?

When writing the original story I never thought about writing a follow on story to it, I was just going to leave it as a one off tale. Then I wrote the tales for my Urban Legends episode where I wrote a story about Slender Man and included a character called Matt and thought, hold on why not make this Matt the same Matt from the Mckinley Haunting and have the two stories linked. I thought about how could I make them link and then was going to write another episode of Eerie Earth where I linked the two, but then I wrote The Fallen instead.


I really enjoyed writing and working on The Fallen and felt that I wanted to do the story justice and wrote the script for The Mckinley Haunting 2: Dark Night Paranormal. When writing the script I thought about how people would react to the stories that Matt would have told about the events from within the mansion and whether or not they would believe him or not, and that in certain circles the stories he told become infamous and legend, until they were picked up by a paranormal team who decided to investigate the supposed haunting and to see if what he was saying was in fact true. 

With my many years experience of being a paranormal investigator, I was able to create characters who I would be able to relate to and act like I would had I investigated the case. 


I hope to release The Mckinley Haunting 2: Dark Night Paranormal on the 27th of February 2022 on Spotify and anywhere you get your podcasts.

Below you will find the some update videos surrounding the upcoming audio drama.

Poster for Mckinley Haunting 2: Dark Night Paranormal

The Mckinley Haunting - Original Tale

The Mckinley Haunting Part 1Eerie Earth
00:00 / 31:58
The Mckinley Haunting Part 2Eerie Earth
00:00 / 31:58
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