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How can you support Eerie Earth?


Dear Avid Listener of Eerie Earth,

As you may or may not be aware, Eerie Earth is created entirely on a voluntary basis and any money that is put into the project or anything associated with Eerie Earth comes out of my own pocket. 

I would love to be able to expand Eerie Earth as a brand and create much more with Eerie Earth, and that's where YOU come in. 

If you wanted to to support Eerie Earth, help me achieve my dream of expanding the Eerie Earth brand then you can become a Patron of Eerie Earth and pledge £3 a month to help grow the brand. 

What Will The Money Do?

Any money raised by patrons with go straight back into Eerie Earth to help the expansion.

 - It will help get better equipment for recording shows thus making the quality better.

 - It will help go towards paying for locations to investigate the paranormal with my group Eerie Earth Paranormal and help get equipment for the paranormal investigations

 - It will help go towards being able to one day be able to start selling merchandise for the company. 

 - and much more.


What will you get out of it?

Well at the moment there is only one Tier and that will get you a shout out in every upcoming episode of Eerie Earth and a mention in the credits of every Audio Drama that I create in the future. The more Patrons that come on board, the more tiers that will become available, charging slightly more for more content, such as special episodes which will become available, exclusive interviews with the cast of The Fallen, The Mckinley Haunting and The Hunted. Exclusive live Q and A's with myself and other members of the team, and much much more.

So if this is something you might be interested in then please visit today and sign up to help support this awesome venture. 

Thank You



Eerie Earth.

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