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  • 21st of March 2021 - Kieran is currently in pre-production of an exciting project for Eerie Earth.

Kieran is currently working on a brand new project for Eerie Earth, which will be big for the show and will be an exciting addition to the show. This is not to say that the current style will change, this will just be an addition. Keep up to date with Social Media and the News for more information coming soon.

  • 15th of Feburary 2021 - First two episodes live on Spotify, Anchor and many more.

The first two episodes of Eerie Earth are now available for your listening pleasure, on Spotify, Anchor and any where you get your podcasts. More episodes will be coming to the platform soon.

  • 25th January 2021 - Season 2 of Eerie Earth now live

Season 2 of Eerie Earth is now live with a brand new episode based on the Urban Legends Bloody Mary and Slenderman. Check out the episode in the Episode section of this website.

  • January 5th 2021 - Live Stream coming to YouTube Friday 8th of January 2021

On Friday the 8th of January, your host Kieran will be hosting a live stream on YouTube, for a discussion on the paranormal, upcoming shows and a Q and A, a chance for you to get involved, be sure to subscribe to the channel for more.

  • January 4th 2021 - Website is up and running

The new website for Eerie Earth is now up and running, allowing visitors to listen to the show in archive when it has been aired live on Midnight.FM, get in touch with the host and also learn about the host. Enjoy your stay and watch this space for much more content to be added in the coming weeks. 

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