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Our Experience of My Haunted Hotel by Kieran Begg



On the 8th of September 2022, Jess and I spent the night in Chester

at My Haunted Hotel, a paranormal event held in Ye Olde Kings Head,

in the heart of the Ancient City.

They have six rooms, which are decorated to match the supposed

hauntings and to distil fear into the guests. 24 cameras cover the

location filming everything in an attempt to capture some sort

of evidence of the paranormal. 

The footage is then compiled and made into an hour long episode for

their YouTube channel, which is growing bigger by the day.


My Haunted Hotel was the brain child of the owner of Ye Olde Kings Head, Harry Achilleos who had the idea to create the paranormal event during lockdown and My Haunted Hotel was born. Joined by his friend Brett Jones who helped decorate the rooms with their creepy aesthetics, they needed an investigator to join their motley crew and they found Danny Moss, of the Haunted Hunts TV show to join the team and he jumped at the opportunity and My Haunted Hotel was born.  

During our visit we were joined with another group of ladies, who had been to the location before, apart from one of their party. They witnessed a lot more experiences than we did, from the sound of a baby crying, to one of them being touched and even the door to Room 3 banging so loudly it shook the key in the door. They were able to conduct a lot more experiments using some of the equipment supplied by the hosts. For us it was a very quiet night with the odd bang (we heard the door bang to Room 3 but did not have it happen to us) and the odd footstep, which we did not hear again, but things that we could not call evidence as it did not happen consistently enough for us to document and or to replicate. 

Towards the end of the evening we were gathered together as a big group in what they called "The Brothel Area" which consists of a bar, and a large conference table sitting under a large wagon wheel turned into a chandelier. They used a device which sends out White Noise at different frequencies to try and evoke some paranormal activity, supposedly. While nothing happened straight away, something would occur which would be "the best evidence ever caught at My Haunted Hotel." 

While we were doing a white noise experiment, Danny asked for Charles Griffiths (One of the supposed spirits that haunts Ye Olde Kings Head) to do something, a glass flew from the bar clattering to the ground behind the bar. Everyone screamed and lunged from the table before investigating the situation. Although many would argue this was an astonishing piece of evidence, as a sceptical investigator I have to ask questions and there remains alot of questions to ask regarding this situation and I would love the opportunity to return to try and recreate the scene to get to the bottom of it.

The My Haunted Hotel team are a wonderful bunch of guys, very friendly and very passionate about what they do and that comes across in bucket loads. We had a fantastic time staying in the old building and it was very atmospheric and creepy and would love to be able to go back and investigate again to try and capture that one piece of evidence which will prove the existence of the paranormal.

My Haunted Hotel airs every Sunday at 6pm over on their YouTube channel, "My Haunted Hotel". You can find them on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok. If you wish to spend the night at My Haunted Hotel you can purchase your tickets over at where you can find more information about upcoming events and more. 

You can view the entire episode done below, as well as an interview I conducted with the team prior to the investigation.

My Haunted Hotel - Episode 19
Interview with My Haunted Hotel
KIeran and Jess My Haunted Hotel.jpg
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