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The Director

Kieran sitting on wall Welsh Castle
White Eerie Earth Tree

Photo taken by: Jesswandererlost (c) 2021

Hi, I'm Kieran, The Writer, Director, Editor and everything in between for The Fallen season 2. I wrote and directed season 1 and I am very happy to be able to be doing it all over again for Season 2. 

A little about me, I am the host and writer for Eerie Earth, the paranormal world where you find yourselves. Eerie Earth was my brain child from Lockdown in 2020 where the whole world was in isolation from Covid-19 it gave me a chance to start my very own podcast. I come from a paranormal investigation background, but it is my love for zombie movies and TV shows such as Dawn of The Dead and Train to Busan, All Of Us Are Dead and of course The Walking Dead to name a few, that really spurred me to write this show. The Fallen however was conceived way back in 2010 and it was not until last year (2021) that I decided to finally do something with it and turn it into an audio drama.

The Fallen Season 2 is the third Audio Drama I have written, the first of course being The Fallen in 2021, then The Mckinley Haunting 2: Dark Night Paranormal in 2022 and now The Fallen Season 2. I am incredibly proud of every project I have worked on and incredibly proud to have worked with some incredible people on them too.


I really hope that you enjoy this season, which I feel is a lot more exciting than the first and will really allow my characters to grow and become more alive than ever before.  

I am aiming for a Halloween 2022 release but with everything there are hurdles so be sure to watch this space.

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