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The Cast of The Fallen Season 2
Megan Chase - Dani Cunningham
Megan Chase

Megan is playing the role of Dani Cunningham

Megan Chase Actor, singer, songwriter from the West Midlands. After some time out to care for a relative I am working on building my credits, training and skills as a performer. Always looking for challenges and to try something different and out of the box whilst also having deep love for the classics. I have worked with Kieran and Eerie Earth since Season 1 of The Fallen and I played Kassandra in The Mckinley Haunting 2: Dark Night Paranormal. I'm so excited to be a part of The Fallen Season 2, reprising the role of Dani Cunningham. I am excited to have the opportunity to work with some wonderful and talented people. So tune in, freak out and follow me on...



Or Instagram @meganchaseuk

Saxon Davids - Pete Kirkman
Saxon Davids

Saxon will be playing the role of Pete Kirkman.


Born in Essex and currently based in Lancashrie. I studied Music and Drama in late secondary school and have since been building my music career, I have played up and and down the country as a guitarist/singer in Progressive Rock band Twisted Illusion ( and have recorded many albums with the band. Acting has still been something I've always been interested in, particularly voice acting, and The Fallen is my first acting role. I am excited to reprise my role as Pete Kirkman.

Andrea Waite - Dierdre McBride
Andrea Waite

Andrea Waite describes herself as a mature larger than life woman, With a wicked sense of humour. She is an actress and voice over artist, who has also appeared on the Yorkshire stand up comedy circuit. On top of all this she is busy writing a children’s book and a screenplay. Andrea portrayed Margret Cunningham in Season 1 of The Fallen, she was very eager to join the cast for Season 2 of The Fallen.



Check out her website at

Nicole Zivolic - Lilly Richardson

Nicole Zivolic is a singer, songwriter, actress and performer from Croatia, where she finished tourism high-school and received ten years of music education. She has been performing for nine years now and is currently based in Brighton, UK, where she has recently finished her Performing Arts Degree. Most recently, you can find her giving a voice to "Briene of Tarth" in a Game of Thrones: Season 8 Redux Fanfiction Podcast. She is looking forward to future projects, collaborations and new opportunities.

Carl Wharton - Dr. Dale Winslow
Carl Wharton

As an international actor with over 40 years of experience in the Arts, he continues to grow his credits. 2022 has already seen him portray Dr Phillips in the short film M.O.M and Scott Snr in Dig Me A Grave (imdb). He has worked with Eerie Earth before when he portrayed "JJ The Groundskeeper" in The Mckinley Haunting 2: Dark Night Paranormal. Now he will be taking on the role of Dr. Dale Winslow in Season 2 of The Fallen.


He is represented by Audere Talent Management.

Beth Eltringham - Julia Scott
Beth Eltringham

Beth is a professional actress from Yorkshire now living up in Edinburgh. She usually specialises in character work such as her work in the York and Edinburgh dungeons, but this is her first podcast series. Beth played the role of Rod in "Avenue Q" at the 2022 Edinburgh fringe this year and will be touring with M&M productions this winter for their pantomime season. She's excited to be part of such a fun and brilliant project such as The Fallen season 2.


Dorian Todd - Jake Romero
Darian Todd

Born in Edinburgh though currently based in Fife. I've always been so in love with Drama and acting and my dream is to make a career out of it. I'm always down for all aspects whether that's voice acting, stage acting or screen acting. I'm currently trying to build up my credits so I can't wait to lend my voice to 'The Fallen'. Voice acting is something I have some experience in and I'm really looking forward to meeting all the wonderful creative people on this project and seeing what's in store for my character Jake. We'll have to see if he's got what it takes to survive out here...


If you'd like to follow me to see what I'm up to then be sure to check out my socials!

Instagram - dorian_a_todd

facebook - Dorian Todd

Matthew Bellis - Shane Richards
Matt Bellis

Hi I'm Matt from north Wales UK I'm a voice and martial arts actor with over 20 years experience in martial arts.

I specialise in accents and impressions I'm also a steam train enthusiast and build them for a living.

I want to get either into Martial arts films as a fight scene choreographer or a voice over actor for animé or animation films.

Ric Oldroyd - Glen "Abbot" Blake
Ric Oldroyd

Ric is playing the part of Glen "Abbot" Blake.

Born and raised in Bradford, I wanted to act from an early age but I lacked confidence when I was younger and needed to pay the bills with a more "normal" job.  I started in Purchasing when I was twenty and worked my way up to buyer over three companies, thirteen years and two redundancies.  I then fixed a printer and became IT.   After Covid hit, I unfortunately lost my job, as I couldn't travel, but managed to quickly get another. The pandemic however left me wondering what I'd really WANT to do rather than HAD to do to pay the bills...  so at 37 I've started acting.  I've managed to get a few roles, one in a web series to be on YouTube, two short student films and, of course, The Fallen. I am excited to reprise my role as Abbot in Season 2 of The Fallen.

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