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The Fallen

"Fire and Brimstone Bad" - Ep 1

Edinburgh has fallen and the dead walk the earth. After moving to the city following the death of their father a few months prior, Dani and Cal Cunningham have lost everything, their family and their home. Now they must put their trust in a group of elite soldiers called The Crows who say they can help. As siblings they must put their differences aside and work together in order to survive the onslaught of the dead, if they don't, they too will become The Fallen. 

Fire and Brimstone Bad | Episode 1 | The FallenEerie Earth
00:00 / 33:26
"Welcome to Atlantis" - Ep 2

Siblings, Dani and Cal Cunningham have lost everything...their family and their home. Now with the help of their saviour Pete Kirkman, they are heading to Princess Street Gardens to go to the community Atlantis. There they meet Stephenson and learn about how the city fell.

Welcome to Atlantis | Episode 2 | The FallenEerie Earth
00:00 / 24:43
"A Well Oiled Machine" - Ep 3

Dani and Cal, have settled in Atlantis, met the residents, and have met the infamous Sergeant O'Connell. They have found out what is happening outside of Edinburgh.

A Well Oiled Machine | Episode 3 | The FallenEerie Earth
00:00 / 28:04
"We are God's Warriors" - Ep 4

The Crows and Dani venture out of Atlantis into the desolation of Edinburgh to try and complete their mission of finding supplies. Along the way they happen across more destruction and new foes. 

We Are God's Warriors - Episode 4Eerie Earth
00:00 / 19:14
"The Moody Maverick" - Ep 5

Tensions run high between The Crows as realisation of the challenge in front of them hits hard. Abbot tells a story from his past, true feelings are expressed.

The Moody Maverick - Episode 5 - The FallenEerie Earth
00:00 / 19:37
"Up By Your Boots Lad" - Ep 6

Roach and Stephenson are stuck inside of Waverley Mall, after having their belongings stolen by the strange religious group "The Fallen Angels". Now they must escape the mall or face down the dead.  

Up By Your Boots LadEerie Earth
00:00 / 13:20
"It's Not The Size That Matters" - Ep 7

Abbot wakes up on the floor of a destroyed train in a station surrounded by the dead, he now must fight his way through the sea of dead and try and survive.

It's Not The Size That MattersEerie Earth
00:00 / 13:00
"Alright Miss Badass" - Ep 8

Pete and Dani are stuck on Waverley Bridge with the dead flowing out of the station towards them, trapping them. The pair must work together to find away to escape and get to their next Cache.

Alright Miss BadassEerie Earth
00:00 / 11:43
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