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Season 1

Ep 1
00:00 / 26:31

Join Kieran, as he guides you through the dark dilapidated corridors of the most infamous building in the UK. Home to a supposed succubus, witch and much more behind it's crumbling walls.  

Ep 2
00:00 / 26:29

Allow Kieran to guide you down the warren of tunnels that sit beneath the streets if Scotland's capital. Also we will hear from Anna Bell a tour guide with Auld Reekie Tours

Ep 3
00:00 / 26:30

30 East Drive is supposedly home to the most violent poltergeist haunting in European history. Dubbed the Black Monk of Pontefract the tale is spooky and disturbing, get ready to be scared. 

Ep 4
00:00 / 26:30

William Burke and William hare, Edinburgh's most notorious serial killers, their story is one that has to be told.

Ep 5
00:00 / 26:59

England's capital city plays host to some incredible ghost stories that plague the underground stations dotted around the city, Join Kieran as he tell you few.

Ep 7
00:00 / 25:59

Hear two original tales based on two real cryptozology sightings, The Enfield Monster and The Loch Ness Monster.

Halloween Special 2020 Prt 2
00:00 / 31:58

Part 2 of the Halloween Special, find out what happens to Matt within in the walls of The Mckinley Mansion

Ep 6
00:00 / 24:57

The Enfield Poltergeist case is the most infamous haunting case in the world, find out all about it in this creepy episode.

Halloween Special 2020
00:00 / 31:58

Hear a spooky original tale written by Kieran to celebrate Halloween, What will happen within The McKinley Mansion.

Ep 10
00:00 / 31:58

Part 2 of The Ghosts of the London Underground, find out more about the pesky spooks that plague the stations

Season 1 Ep 11 Flannan Isle
00:00 / 30:58

In the final episode of Season 1 of Eerie Earth, hear about the infamous tale of the missing lighthouse keepers of Flannan Isle

Season 2

Eerie Earth Season 2 Episode 1 Urban Leg
00:00 / 31:58

Urban Legends, tales to be told around the camp fire, tales to scare and terrify. Join Kieran as he tells you two original tales based on real Urban Legends.

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