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Eerie Earth


Click on an image below to get taken to the video on YouTube.

Eerie Earth Extra Thumbnail Rachael Iron

Interview with Dr Rachael Ironside - Scottish Folklore,
Orkney and Paranormal TV

Auld Reekie Tours Interview

Interview with Anna Bell - Auld Reekie Tours

Kreestan Sennakie Interview

Interview with Aberdeen based Magician Kreestan Sennakie

Jill Shelley Interview
Interview with Jill Shelley Owner of the boyd house and member of St Croix Paranormal
Eerie Earth Extra Hermitage Castle
Jess the Sceptic Interview
Interview with Jessica Nichol - Torchlight Paranormal Investigations
Eerie Earth Extra The Loch Ness Monster

A short documentary about The Loch Ness Monster

End of Season 1
A brief history of Hermitage Castle

Season 2

Chris Richards Interview

Interview with new author Chris Richards

Graham Milne Interview

Interview with Scottish Author Graeme Milne about his brand new book - When Day Becomes Night.

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