Hello, I'm Kieran and I am the host of Eerie Earth, an online radio show which combines the paranormal with storytelling. 

Eerie Earth was created due to my love of the paranormal and my love for writing and podcasting. The show started it's life exclusively on the American online radio network Midnight.FM and then branched out on it's own where I am now working on an exclusive show written and directed by me. The show is called The Fallen and it is a radio drama mixed with detailed storytelling about a zombie apocalypse in the city of Edinburgh.


I come from a paranormal background, having investigated the paranormal for over ten years, gathering varying levels of evidence and experiences. I have had a keen interest in all things paranormal from a very young age and love that I can now turn my passion for storytelling and for all things spooky into a show for you to enjoy.


I really hope you like what you see with Eerie Earth and watch this space for more exciting projects coming in the future.