Kieran is the host of the late night paranormal radio show, Eerie Earth on Midnight.FM. Every episode is written, hosted and made by Kieran as he tells creepy stories based on real accounts of the paranormal. 

Coming from a paranormal background, Kieran has been investigating the paranormal since 2007, where he has been able to combine his love for the paranormal and his love for film making. As a lead investigator for two teams, Torchlight Paranormal and The Paranormal Guys, he has investigated some incredible locations including, Shepton Mallet Prision, The Ancient Ram Inn and 30 East Drive.

Kieran is a published writer, having written for online paranormal magazine The Curious Fortean, and writes every episode for Eerie Earth. 

He invites you to join him on a journey through the paranormal with Eerie Earth.


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