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Host Kieran Begg


Hello, I'm Kieran and welcome to the dark and creepy world of Eerie Earth, a tantalisingly twisted paranormal podcast. I am your guide through this spooky and macabre Eerie Earth. 

Eerie Earth started life during the global lock down of 2020. During that time I was made redundant from my job and I needed something to occupy my mind. As much as I wanted to get out and investigate the supposed hauntings of the UK, I was not able to do so, so I needed to find another way of expressing my love for the paranormal, Eerie Earth was born.


I wanted to create a show which explored my love for the paranormal and my love for writing and podcasting. The show started it's life exclusively on the American online radio network Midnight.FM, but unfortunately despite working very hard, that did not last, so I decided to branch out my own.

The shows consist of me telling dark, spooky, haunting and macabre tales of the paranormal. Tales which are based on real paranormal events but given a glossy, more exciting story to really enthral you and send shivers down your spine. Tales of the infamous Black Monk of Ponefract to the famed serial killers William Burke and William Hare. From London to Loch Ness my tales cover various topics to leave you hiding behind the pillow on your sofa, or pulling the covers over your head. 


Now I have turned to Audio Dramas which combine the creepy, dark storytelling of Eerie Earth with excellent voice acting, from first class actors to entice you even further into the dark twisted worlds I create.


I began dipping my toes into the world of audio dramas with a ten episode zombie apocalypse show set in Edinburgh. A show I started writing way back in 2015. You can find more information about the show here.


As I lowered myself deeper into the world, I started work on my second drama, one which really showcased my adoration for the paranormal field. The Mckinley Haunting 2: Dark Night Paranormal, a show about a group of paranormal investigators who are investigating the curious and infamous Mckinley Mansion. More information on the show can be found here.


Now fully submerged, I have written the second Season of The Fallen. I was truly able to explore my love for the zombie genre this time and it allowed me to really explore my writing abilities. The Series is available anywhere you get your podcasts and you can find out more about it here.

My fourth trip into the world of Audio Drama came in the guise of a horror I wrote way back in 2008. This was called "Hunted" and was originally meant to be a short low budget horror movie but it never got off the ground. Now 15 years late I have turned it into an audio drama and was released on the 26th of May 2023. Find out more information about Hunted right here

Originally from Aberdeen, Scotland, as a child I had an insatiable love for the paranormal, from reading ghost stories, listening to spooky tales my father would tell me, to watching paranormal television shows religiously. 


In 2007 I finally got the chance to throw myself head first into the paranormal world and become a paranormal investigator. From there I would go onto having over a decades worth of experience from running two groups and capturing varying levels of evidence and having incredible experiences.

In 2011 along with my first paranormal team Torchlight Paranormal, we attended York Spookfest where we held a talk about EVP to some of the country's most esteemed members of the paranormal field. The talk was a resounding success and was my first real step into public speaking. 


In 2015 I became a published writer, writing articles for a paranormal magazine called The Curious Fortean, writing about cases that would fascinate me, some of the cases I had investigated myself and even about some famed individuals in the paranormal field. 

I have been able to expand the Eerie Earth brand to now include a gaming channel on YouTube where live stream horror games on a regular basis. You can find more on the channel here.

The future of Eerie Earth is bright and I am really excited so see where it can take me and I have a lot of plans swirling around the dark recesses of my brain, so watch this space and be sure to follow Eerie Earth on all Social Media, the links to which are at the top of this page.

In 2024 I am launching Eerie Earth's next brand new venture, Tours around Edinburgh with Eerie Earth Tours. For more information, please visit the Tours page at the top of the page.

Thank you and as always...bye bye for now. 

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